On August 28th, 2020, we made a change.

We officially shifted to build ‘JAXEX Business Park’, which will offer 50,000+ SF of Commercial Flex Warehouse along with some retail/office space at our unique JAXEX location.

From the moment we decided to develop Wheel Keeper – Ultimate Garage Condos, our mission was to build the absolute best and enable people to own one-of-a-kind space for their prized possessions & have an amazing place to hang-out with like-minded individuals. Our team worked tirelessly, and successfully developed the project as far as possible until the pandemic hit this year. Along with the pandemic and failed commitments from trusted 3rd parties, we were forced to put the project on hold in late May. Despite trying to work through it all & exploring every possible option to secure the necessary investment, we found a silver lining & decided to use the commercial land to develop an alternate concept.

We’re proud of our team and everything we’ve accomplished. We did everything we could to make it happen, but unfortunately did not succeed this time around. We sincerely apologize to those affected by our change in concept & cannot offer you an Ultimate Garage Condo Unit at this location, but we believed in this project and we’re honored you did too.

As they say, ‘never say never’, so stay in touch. Even though this was not the right time for us, we hope to reconnect when we do bring Wheel Keeper to the market.

Best Regards,
– The Wheel Keeper Team